Heroo Royal White Coffee TWIN PACK


Why SuCaLess is so special?

•    Reduce up to 98% sugar intake
•    Reduce 98% of sugar calories
•    Help in diabetes management
•    Maintain same sweetness and taste without any harmful effect

Benefits of Bamboo Salt:

•    Contain over 76 minerals
•    Highly alkaline
•    Cleansing blood cells
•    Detoxifies organs and stimulates cellular metabolism
•    Improves digestion
•    Treatment for sore throat
•    Purifies blood vessels and prevent protein discharge in urine by enhancing intestinal functions
•    Anti-inflammatory function
•    Anti-allergy function
•    Prevent salmonella enteritis
•    Improve diabetes

Benefits of Cordyceps:

•    Control type-2 Diabetes
•    Anti-aging
•    Might fight kidney disease
•    Reduce asthma attacks
•    Cardiovascular health benefits
•    Offers reliefs from fatigue
•    Anti-inflammatory
•    Improve liver function
•    Lower cholesterol levels
•    Improve immune system



Each 5 units maximum with 1 tracking number (1 parcel).

All tracking numbers will be sent via email.