Organic Scent – Cocoa Oat Milk + (850g)


Balanced & Nutrition Ancient Whole Grains

“Old Grains” or “Ancient Grains” are the most primitive and unpolluted native variety grains; often known as “superfoods”, and have become the hottest nutrition trends in recent years.

100% organic certified “ORGANIC SCENT’s OLD GRAINS” is developed combining ancient grains of oat, millet, black glutinous rice, chia seed, flaxseed, quinoa, and amaranth for each of their unique health benefits; and formulated with walnut, flax seed and pumpkin seed that are good for brain health; no sugar, no beans, and no wheat; providing consumers a nutritious supplement with complete and balanced nutrition, rich n fiber and calcium, unsaturated fats, and is relatively less burden to out body. (Suitable for All: Age 1 and above.

✔No Sugar Added
✔Wheat Free
✔Beans Free

Suitable for Diabetics & sugar sensitive, lactose intolerance, high uric acid problem, and wheat intolerance.

✅Non-GMO ingredients

✅Organic; No Pesticides

✅No Maltodextrin

✅No Artificial Flavourings

Preparations Method: 

Mix 3 full tablespoons (~30g) of OLD GRAINS POWDER with – 200ml of warm water, stir well and ready to serve.

Storage method:

Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat and direct sunlight. Best consume as quick as possible after opening.


Recommended for:

  • People at risk of diabetes and high blood sugar levels
  • People at risk of high uric acid
  • People who are intolerant to certain foods
  • Vegetarian and those with unbalanced dietary habits



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