Premium OUD oil set – Hygge’s Self-emulsifying Series


Hygge’s self-emulsifying series is specially designed using “Geino” formulation technology with real agarwood. The oil molecules inside bottle A-agarwood and bottle B-base note were purposely sized smaller, so the scent can permeate into the air more efficiently.

Your space will be transformed into unique, attractive mood almost instantly with this magical essence that included pure and premium agarwood. 95% of our users agreed that Hygge’s scent promotes positivity and greater motivation in their life.

Compared to other scent makers, Hygge makes you:

1) Enjoy AkeelahTM’s single-origin, pure, and premium agarwood that is hard to find elsewhere.

2) Enjoy hours of luxurious and exclusive scent with just 2 drops each essence from bottle A & bottle B.

2) Agarwood that is precious and unique is packed separately in bottle A (so you know you are getting the real thing!).

4) “Geino” technology makes the oil self-emulsified in water, and hence it is suitable to be used in every type of aroma diffuser.

5) Benefits of agarwood is maximized through “Geino” technology and it makes the mesmerizing scent longer lasting.

Instruction of Use

1) Suggest 1-2 drops each of essential oil from bottle A and bottle B to use in aroma diffuser (any type).

2) After use, close the cap tightly and store this product in an upright position. Please use up within 1 year after opening.

Ingredient List

Bottle A- Agarwood essence: Agarwood essential oil, diluent, stabilizer*

Bottle B- Base note essence: Plant essential oil, diluent, stabilizer


The brand of AkeelahTM provides all the agarwood/agarwood oils (KKM NOT No: NOT210303727K) in the Hygge’s self-emulsifying series.

Precautions for Use

Keep away from fire. Do not use or store in places with high temperature and humidity or in direct sunlight. Please do not drink. Do not use or store it within the reach of children and pets. Do not apply essential oils directly to your skin. Do not handle it roughly, such as dropping it on the floor. If you feel any abnormality during or after use, discontinue use. Pregnant women, children and the elderly should consult a doctor before using this product.



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