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Hypo-allergenic , Stay Fresh

Unique 3D Design

Prevent Side Leakage

Super Absorbent

SAP from Japan , Enhance Absorption

Our Brand

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Functional Layer

FELIZI is designed for women's health care

It can help to reduce the pain during menstruation, and promote the blood circulation of the whole body, which can effectively eliminate toxins in the human body.

    ●    Pure Cotton

    ●    Instant Absorption

    ●    Odor Free

    ●    Breathable

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Natural Negative Ion Stripe​

6000+ dynamic negative ions

The negative ions generated by this product during friction will react with air molecules in the atmosphere to produce ozone, which has a bactericidal effect on pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.

    ●    Made of plant fiber

    ●    Stimulate local blood circulation and micro-circulation

    ●    Enhance immunity, relieve menstrual pain

    ●    Speed up discharge of toxins during periods

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For Women

FELIZI can help women with disease problems.

The top layer is smooth and healthy, comfortable to wear. Every layer of FELIZI is special.

    ●    Reduce itchiness

    ●    Regulates menstrual cycle

    ●    Restores hormonal balance

    ●    Harmonizes pH level

    ●    Relieves abdominal cramps

    ●    Eliminates bacteria


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