Why our underwear always wet

Why our underwear always wet?

Our underwear is always wet, but it’s not a big problem.

In fact, it’s natural vaginal discharge from women’s bodies.

What is vaginal discharge?
It’s a mucus secreted by glands inside the vagina, containing many beneficial bacteria and nutrients that help protect our private parts. The color, texture, and amount of discharge may vary due to individual differences and different physiological conditions.

Healthy discharge should be

  1. White or clear in color,
  2. Thick in texture, and not too much or too little in amount, and
  3. odorless.
    If there is an unusual odor, a change in color or an excessive or insufficient amount of discharge, it may be due to infection, hormonal changes, medication effects, etc.,

Although the feeling of dampness in underwear may be uncomfortable, it is actually a normal sign of women’s physical health.

To maintain the health and hygiene of private parts, we need to regularly change underwear, keep it dry, and avoid using cleansers containing chemical components.

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